I am my kids' Dad

"I have a terrible need of dare I say the word? --religion.
Then I go out at night and paint the stars"
Vincent Van Gogh,  Arles, September 1888

Kara Szathmary was born in 1946 in the Hartz Mountains of West Germany, of Hungarian parents, and immigrated to Canada in 1951.

We holds a Majors BSc in Physics and Mathematics from McMaster University (1970), an MSc in Astrophysics from the University of Western Ontario (1972) and a Diploma of Mathematics and Physics Education from McGill University (1976).

He is also a visual artist and a member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists. He was the first international president of the IAAA from 1988 to 1992. He is currently the Chairman of the IAAA Board of Trustees and lives in Quebec where he teaches mathematics at Champlain-St Lambert College.

Kara is the father of three children: Draco, Orion and Ursa.

He developed a board game, Quantum Baseball, and had his paintings
exhibited in 1989 in the "Dialogues: Stairway of Humanity" international
exhibition in Moscow, as well as in the "Art of the Cosmos" exhibition
at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in 1991.

He writes that in his paintings "many of my themes are metaphors of the interaction of scientific knowledge, philosophic intuition, and emotional reflection. The inspirations often spill over into spiritual and religious impacts on the human condition at the threshold of space travel.

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